Our Services and Fees

We like going up and beyond.

We understand parents are the key educators in the child’s life. This is why we involve you in your child’s personal learning experiences. We do this in various ways but one of our most effective by far is our online learning journal system called Tapestry. This is a secure programme which allows you as parents and carers to be notified instantly what your child is learning about whilst at nursery once it’s documented by their key worker. You can then log in and view the learning experience. It also allows you to record any home experiences too. We find that this helps us enhance the child’s learning through following their interests and offering opportunities for them to learn or practice new found skills. 

We aim to run a flexible setting in order to meet the diverse needs of each unique child. We offer:

  • Well balanced, healthy breakfasts, snacks, lunches and teas. Our in-house cook
    will cater for children with special dietary needs upon request.
  • Nappy changing materials included in Fees.
  • Various activity sessions ran on a weekly basis. (E.g. Spanish singing, football lessons, Twirling Toddlers, baking sessions.)
  • Various trips
  • Preschool Woodland walks
  • Catering for children aged between 0 – 5 years (Government funding available for 2,3&4 year olds)

We have a generous and secure outdoor play area. We also use the Football pitch for Football lessons and well thought out physical activities. We have other areas on the grounds which we use for outdoor learning.

We serve breakfast between 7:30-8:15am so the children get the best possible start to the day. Snacks are provided for all children mid-morning and afternoon, and a cooked lunch with dessert is provided. Vegetarians and children with special dietary needs are catered for upon request.

Our setting is registered by OFSTED, registration: EY542529

Click here to see our latest Ofsted registration details.

We are open 7:30am – 6pm, Monday – Friday, open 51 weeks of the year. (Closed for a week at Christmas and bank holidays)


Fees and Sessions

Nursery places at £51.80 per day (10% Sibling Discount). Our fees and sessions are reviewed annually and may change in the future.

We offer a full time place 5 days a week 8am-6pm, this offer is an exclusive discount fee which works out at approximately £45.70 instead of the £51.80 per day.

We also offer half day sessions at £27.55. Please contact us and ask for our ‘Fees and sessions’ to find out more.

We offer sessions which enables you to utilise free government childcare hours also known as Nursery Educational Funding (NEF) 

Click here to find out if you are entitled to free childcare hours for your 2, 3 or 4 year olds.